Montag, 12. März 2007
Spring come Spring!
It is so amazing!:) Since yesterday the sun is back and i have nearly forgotton how sunshine feels like.It feels great and cause something like an inner happiness. The sunshine triggers my good mood and i am smiling the all day then.

I think as long the sun keeps shining there will be always happy days for me. Somehow my life depends on her. Everything gets better through her. I feel better, I am more motivated and I am more optimistic. So my enviroment responds this "sunshine me" with a good will and much luck everywhere I go.

Thanks to causality, thanks to Karma:).

So put down your sunglasses and your life becomes more sunny!:)

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Freitag, 2. März 2007
You cannot change people so let go...
I do, I really do. Now. In the past I did not. And that caused much suffering. Some things in life you can not change. That counts particularly for people. We have lots of situations where we judge people or we do not understand people’s action. When we are not related with this person, normally he or she cannot upset us.

For example you want a friend to be more polite. If this person’s nature is rude we cannot change this by telling him. We cannot change a person’s character and behavior from one day to another. It was a long life process from childhood until he becomes this person now.

That why we should learn to accept people how they are without comparing or judging them. It’s a fact like every morning the sun rises. The colleague still never greets you or is always impolite to you. Despite you talk with him about this he doesn’t change. Your partner is always jealously and forbid you to go out. So let go don’t try to change him with force. This is an inner process anyway which depends on him. Don’t waste all your energy to change a person. Either you can learn to accept or leave him.

Therefore the better way is to accept and tolerate people. And if you are not able to deal with them then let them go. So don’t try do run against the wall when you can go around it.

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Dienstag, 27. Februar 2007
Love confession

Dear Latte Machiatto,

You are so hot!
You are so sweet!
You mean to me a lot!
You all I need!

My big tasty love!

Forever yours!

Liam Dang

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